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Every detail is important. At Merit, our unrelenting focus on the details of day-to-day operations and risk management has been critical to our success.

Knowledge. Execution. Commitment. These three words describe the essence of our operating strategy. It takes deep knowledge of an asset to understand how to generate the best results from each of our fields. Action is required to apply that knowledge — from evaluating the effectiveness of current methods, to implementing improved processes and technologies. In addition, a commitment to generating long-term results is essential to maintaining our culture of continuous improvement.

At Merit, we have a long and successful track record of acquiring high quality properties, and focusing on every detail of daily operations to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase production. Merit owns an interest in over 10,000 wells in 10 states throughout the United States with daily production of 67,000 BOEPD. We take a hands-on approach to asset management, operating over 90% of our assets with a field staff of 480 employees. Our experienced team members have successfully implemented and operated water floods, CO2 floods and a number of complex gas processing facilities. We understand what it takes to be successful — and we are committed to our strategy and to generating long term, exceptional results in any environment.


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