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Merit Energy Company is required to make a good faith attempt to return various forms of unclaimed property to the rightful owner or heirs. Types of unclaimed property include payments to royalty and land owners and un-cashed checks payments to vendors. Merit Energy Company may issue due diligence letters to the last known address of the owners or heirs as a part of this effort. If Merit Energy Company cannot find the rightful owner or heir, we hold the funds in a suspense account for the time prescribed under Unclaimed Property laws in the state of last known residence before turning it over to the state’s Unclaimed Property division. Once it is turned over to the state, the State Treasurer, or other authorized representative of the state, has the authority to take possession of specified types of abandoned personal property and become custodian in perpetuity which preserves the right of the original owner or other persons to claim the property.

To research unclaimed property, contact your state treasurer’s office. For more information visit

Merit Energy may be required by statute to attempt contact with any person or company to whom our records indicate property is due under certain prescribed conditions. Recipients of the letter are encouraged to review their files or personal records and take one of the following actions: If the money is due, claim the money by completing the form and returning it to Merit Energy. If the money is not due, return the form with a note that the item is not due. If the form is not returned to Merit Energy, unclaimed funds are subject to payment to the Unclaimed Property reporting program in the state of last known residence.


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