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A strong acquisition strategy is about more than assets — it is also about discipline. Our experienced team of experts follows a proven evaluation process to ensure each property we acquire is a good long-term fit for our portfolio. We examine history, current production and potential for growth, and identify assets with the greatest opportunities to provide attractive, consistent returns.



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Experience has taught us that mature, stable assets provide the best opportunities for long-term value that can be extended over time. We look for fields with a long history of production, which generally indicates more predictable future decline rates. We focus on high reserve-to-production ratios, reducing sensitivity to short-term commodity price volatility.

Our strong financial position allows us to be extremely competitive in the properties we identify. Merit has closed on $8.2 billion in acquisitions since its inception, with assets that span multiple basins, reservoirs and states. We have acquired a first-class portfolio of stable properties, and diverse knowledge of operating areas. With a focus on diligent evaluation and consistent refinement, we will continue to grow our portfolio and maximize the value of each of our assets.


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