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Merit Energy Company’s strategy has remained the same since the Company was founded in 1989: acquire, operate, develop, and perform. We acquire the best, high quality, producing properties within the United States, increase operational efficiencies and prudently develop our assets to generate attractive returns and maximize values.  All the while managing operational and financial risk.



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Merit Energy Company is a private firm specializing in direct investments in oil and gas assets, led by a senior management team that has worked together for close to 2 decades. With strong engineering and technical expertise and a skilled team of employees, we strive to increase the value of each of our assets by controlling costs, improving efficiency, and increasing production. We purchase properties with a high percentage of producing reserves, implement exploitation projects to increase production, and operate the majority of our own assets. Through this process, we are able to control day-to-day operations, minimize costs, and maximize Limited Partners’ returns.

Over the past 28 years, we have created value by acquiring the best properties and brightest people, and investing deeply in both — with exceptional results. As an industry-leading oil and gas company, we have generated distributions of over $9.6 billion for our Limited Partners, returns of over 20 percent, and over $8.0 billion in acquisitions. We have built a talented team of over 600 employees, created a culture of accountability and responsibility at every level, and rewarded our people with a dynamic work environment, competitive benefits and opportunities for growth. We have accomplished all of this by paying attention to the details day in and day out, through various commodity pricing cycles and challenging acquisition environments, and consistently generating results for our Limited Partners. We are very proud of our history, and believe the past is not simply a record of results, but rather our formula for the future.

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