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Proven. Disciplined. Driven.

We believe the past is not simply a record of results, but rather a formula for the future.

Success can be defined in many ways. Double-digit returns. Prudent capital management. Profit growth. Multiples on investment. Consistent distributions to your Limited Partners. An experienced management team. At Merit, we define success as the combination of all of these. With distributions to our Limited Partners of over $9.6 billion, returns averaging over 20 percent, and acquisitions totaling $8.2 billion, we have 28 years of experience being successful. Due to our obsession with results and our focus on risk management, Merit Energy has branded itself as one of the leading oil and gas companies in the industry.


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Knowledge. Execution. Commitment.

These three words describe the essence of our operating strategy.

It takes deep knowledge of an asset to understand how to generate the best results from each of our fields. Applying that knowledge by executing improvement projects across our asset base is core to our daily success. Finally, a commitment to generating long-term results is essential to maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

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Train. Challenge. Reward.

Merit employees are our most valuable resources. Let us invest in you.

Merit has nearly 3 decades of developing our assets and our employees. We are dedicated to making Merit one of the best places to work.

At Merit, we provide tools and training to allow employees to take ownership of their careers. Our employees are given the unique opportunity of learning the business and understanding how each position works within the company, which strengthens their knowledge of the industry. We continually strive to find the very best talent in the market and to provide employees a long-term, successful and rewarding career.

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